DGW36 and DGW37 FPL Captains Picks, Triple Captain (TC) Possibilities and Bench Boost (BB) Must Haves

With the FPL season drawing to a conclusion, many managers have their overall and league ranks set in place. However, for those fighting to the very end to gain pride, satisfaction and bragging rights there are still many opportunities to make one final push for victory, with the summation of the league heating up with back-to-back DGW’s in rounds 36 and 37. What comes with the multitude of games in the penultimate round, is that anything can happen points returns wise. To add in another incentive and possible rescuer for some or heartbreaker for others, is the use of either a Triple Captain or Bench Boost chip for those who have been saving them. Gone are the days of seeing a DGW scheduled and slapping the TC armband on Agüero. There are many more options available to managers in the current FPL landscape.

So, with the season rounding out, now is the time to extinguish those chips for a glorious weekly points haul.

For those without either chip the top captains pick is the best choice to maximise points, but for those who held onto TC, BB or both - here is some planning that can boost you potential.

ü  If TC is the only chip in possession, the best bet is to apply it to the top captain pick of choice in DGW37.
ü  If BB is the only chip in possession, GW37 is the go ahead as well to apply it to your squad to maximise returns due to the quantity of matches.
ü  If both chips are still in play, TC should be applied in GW36 and BB used in GW37 as the match day schedule and game spread benefits bigger returns for managers.

Triple Captain (TC) Possibilities


Ø  Alexis Sánchez – Easily Arsenal's best player this season registering 19 goals and 10 assists makes Sánchez always a threat when in the starting side. In GW36, Sánchez could spring back to life after a string of blanks in recent times. Registering 3.5 shots on target and 2.5 shot assists per game, Sánchez has a good chance of picking up a goal, assist or both in DGW36.
Ø  Mesut Özil - With games against Manchester United and Southampton, Özil’s potential for point’s returns is already at a boosted level. Although the German’s form isn’t that good at the current time he has performed well against both opponents in past meetings. Registering 2 goals, 2 assists and 24 shot assists in total in his last 3 encounters with either side. Look for Özil to receive a hefty points tally GW36.

Ø  Manolo Gabbiadini - Having a shot every 17.3 minutes has made Gabbiadini an excellent FPL prospect since joining Southampton. With the team as a whole registering 10+ shots each game, Gabbiadini should retake control of scoring duties. Liverpool and Arsenal have been leaky in defence throughout the season meaning a big FPL return from the Italian is easily a possibility. 


Ø  Eden Hazard - Two simple fixtures for Chelsea in GW37. West Brom and Watford could find themselves in trouble facing the form Belgian. Only blanking once in his last 8 starts, Hazard has registered double figure point hauls 3 times over the same period. Having a shot every 40.9 minutes, Hazard is on track for another double figure return, and with 2 games in one GW he could be the prized choice for FPL managers to captain who could see a 40+ points return for one player.

Ø  Gabriel Jesus - The electric youngster is again amongst the first team after returning from injury. Having scored 4 goals and grabbing 1 assist in his meagre 4 starts in the Premier League, Jesus could provide FPL managers with a good points return over the DGW. At a 3.8%TSB and a shot frequency of 1 every 40.9 minutes – the same as FPL gun Eden Hazard, Jesus is a prime differential pick. With teammate Aguero under an injury cloud, the goal scoring torch could be passed from one South American to another in GW37, with Jesus owners cashing in.

Ø  Alexis Sánchez - Yet again a respectable choice to put the armband on, Sánchez faces two weak sides in GW37 in Stoke, and an already relegated Sunderland. With both sides struggling to defend soundly, conceding 50 and 60 goals each, Sánchez’s 2.7 successful take-ons per game could cause havoc for defenders but joy for FPL managers.

Ø  Dele Alli - PFA young player of the year Alli has nothing left to prove for himself this season but eagerly wants to get his first and Spurs’ first Premier League title, snatching it away from Chelsea. This desire should be enough to determine Alli to improve on his outstanding 17 goals and 9 assists this season. Having only received less than 3 FPL points once since GW15, Alli is reaching a similar form category a Luis Suarez had a few years back. Almost guaranteed points from a scoring involvement each match-day, FPL managers could turn to Alli as the TC choice in GW37. Blanking against both GW37 opponents earlier in the season, Alli will be looking to force himself on the game and prove to FPL managers he is the best buy in the competition at a very under-priced of £9.2, more than £1.0 cheaper than top midfield rivals Hazard, Sánchez and De Bruyne.

Ø  Cesc Fábrègas - One of the very best creative maestros in the Premier League, Fábrègas has averaged a key pass every 51 minutes this season, with 11 assists to his name and also chipping in 4 goals. Playing limited starting minutes, resigned to an off the bench player for most of the season, the Spaniard has peaked at the right time and with fixtures against strugglers West Brom and Watford and a price of just £6.9, he could excel in the DGW and help clinch the league title for Chelsea.
Ø  Nathan Redmond - The livewire that is Nathan Redmond has been superb for Southampton this season. 6 goals puts him among the clubs top goal scorers for this term. With games against Middlesbrough away and Man Utd at home, the DGW schedule doesn’t scream out as Redmond being a top captain’s pick. However, Southampton beat Middlesbrough in their previous meeting this season and always seem to get on the score sheet against Man Utd. With his 2.3 shots and 2 successful take-ons per game, Redmond could cause both defence and goalkeepers trouble.

Bench Boost (BB) must have players should you not be activating TC


Other than the top captains picks for GW37, there are many other options that could and should make it into FPL manager’s squads, should you be using your BB chip rather than TC. Although players with a DGW seem to be the best option, it is not a guarantee that they will outscore single GW players just because they have an additional fixture. The last two options have a very good chance, along with others, of producing point’s returns for FPL managers to be delighted about.

Manolo Gabbiadini
Middlesbrough (Away)
Man Utd (Home)
A shot every 17.3 minutes equating to 4 goals in 7 Southampton appearances.

Mesut Özil
Stoke (Away)
Sunderland (Home)
A total of a goal and assist along with 3 bonus in the previous meetings with each side this season.

West Brom (Away)
Watford (Home)
8 goals and 8 assists this season with 2.4 successful take-ons per 90mins.

Kevin De Bruyne
Leicester (Home)
West Brom (Home)
16 assists, 2.7 shots per game and 4 goals this season to be Man City’s top FPL point scorer. Ranks 2nd in creativity and 5th in bonus points production.

Jamie Vardy
Man City (Away)
Spurs (Home)
7 goals and 3 assists and 15 bonus in 9 games from GW26-GW35. The end of season X-factor player.

Jermain Defoe
Swansea (Home)
Arsenal (Away)
A notoriously brilliant back end of season player. 2.7 shots per game providing 14 goals. Sunderland already relegated so no pressure, only the ability to deny old rival Arsenal top 4.

Josh King
Burnley (Home)
15 goals this season. £6.2 price tag and only blanking twice since GW24, while registering 3 double figure returns. In the top 10 FPL points scorers for the season.

Romelu Lukaku
Watford (Home)
The league’s top goal scorer looking to wrap up the golden boot race. Highest TSB%. Top 10 for threat. Top 2 for Influence and equal 1st for bonus points

Written By Luke Scali (Twitter - @WFC_LS_Potzi @WFC_17)